Enerji Hanım at Sivas

Energy Efficiency was Explained to 34 Thousand Women in 21 Cities.


Enerji Hanım has Completed her Mission, it is Now Women’s Turn.


Selahattin Çimen, the Deputy Undersecretary for the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources said “The annual cost of inefficient energy use for Turkey is 15 billion TL”.


 The “Enerji Hanım” project, which represents the joint project of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, explained about energy efficiency to 34 thousand women in 21 cities. The 21st and last stop of the project that is run by the Energy Efficiency Association was Sivas, where the foundations for the war of independence were laid.

Selahattin Çimen, the Deputy Undersecretary for the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, who took the floor during Enerji Hanım’s Sivas program that had an approximate participation of thousand persons, said that the annual invoice for inefficient energy use in Turkey was 15 billion Liras. Çimen said “With this money, we can solve many problem in Turkey ranging from health to education and from agriculture to tourism”.

 Dr. Neslihan Yüksel, the Department Head of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and a Board of Directors Member of the Energy Efficiency Association, said that they travelled throughout Turkey from east to west and from north to south, explained energy efficiency and that they were happy with the obtained results.


The Project Succeeded, Women Adopted Efficiency

 Dr. Neslihan Yüksel stated that a detailed reported was prepared on the consumption habits before and after the conscience-raising studies in the Enerji Hanım project, and further stated the following:

“We posed questions about the efficient use of energy to women participating in the trainings. In a near time, we will share with the public a report created from the responses. A subject drawing attention was that a majority of the women participating in the seminar had their consumption changed positively and their energy invoices fell accordingly. Furthermore, the correctness of the project was once more justified as 96 percent of these women shared the information they obtained with their neighbors and friends. Such as that, the energy efficiency studies, which have been conducted for many years in order to raise public’s conscious level, to create an awareness and informing large sections of society about economic gains, gave their fruits as the energy consumption increased at a lesser pace as opposed to the growth of the Turkish economy the advancement of industry and the increased production during 2013.


120 Billion Dollars’ Investment in Energy

Dr. Neslihan Yüksel, who stated that during the last decade, Turkey had the most increase of energy demand amongst the OECD countries and said that the electric energy consumption, which was 140 billion kWh during 2003, increased to 245 billion kWh in 2013 and it would be 480 billion kWh in 2023. Yüksel, who emphasized that a sustainable balance had to be established between energy consumption and production, said that although no problems existed in Turkey in terms of energy’s supply safety, an investment of 120 balance dollars had to be made until 2023 on the energy sector in order to renew the existing capacity and meet the increasing demand for energy.

Following the inauguration speeches, the theater artist Süeda Çil, who played the “Enerji Hanım” character, explained to women that through simple measures and applications implemented at homes they could use energy more efficiently and reduce their electricity costs.