Enerji Hanım at Sanliurfa

The 10th Stop of Enerji Hanım was Sanlıurfa, the City of Prophets

Ladies from Sanlıurfa Know Cooking Very Well as much They do for Making Savings


Emir Eren, a General Board of Directors’ Member of the Energy Efficiency Association, stated that by just taking measures at homes, savings up to 4 billion Turkish Liras can be made annually, and with additional measures in industry, transportation and isolation, this number could reach 15 Billion Turkish Liras. Lady Energy, who initiated a course for spreading a nationwide conscious for energy efficiency, gathered with women in Şanlıurfa. The activity that was performed in the Old Wedding Hall in a way created a throng. Happy moments were also experienced during the education program that attracted intense attention. Ladies from Şanlıurfa, who were questioned by Lady Energy as to whether they put their food in the oven and left for their neighbors later on, replied that “Ladies from Şanlıurfa know cooking very well as much as they do for making savings”.