Enerji Hanım at Mersin

She Personally Applied What She told Women

Enerji Hanım’s Monthly Electric Invoice Decreased by 15 TL


Enerji Hanım, who travelled throughout the country for promoting efficient energy usage at homes and explained the key points of energy savings, said that she personally applied the methods and her monthly electric invoice decreased between 10 - 15 TL. Enerji Hanım stated that she achieved these savings by simple methods without conceding her daily life.


Mersin was the 14th stop of Enerji Hanım, which represents the joint project of the Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family & Social Policies. Enerji Hanım, who met with women in Mersin during the educational seminar organized in the conference hall of the Mediterranean Exporters’ Union (AKIB) explained the importance of energy efficiency at homes with examples. Enerji Hanım stated that she began to pay less money with this method and said the following: “my monthly electric invoice decreased between 10 – 15 Turkish Liras. An annual contribution of 4 billion will be made to the national economy when small amounts conglomerate. These will turn into schools and hospitals”.

Adnan Ersoy Ulubas, the Chair of the Energy Efficiency Association that made the inaugural speech of the meeting, stated that demand for energy increased in parallel with the global developments and thus, an efficient use of energy came to the forefront at this stage. Ulubas stated that Enerji Hanım, the first training work of which they commenced in Kayseri, received great interest in every city they had visited and further said that they began to receive positive feedbacks. Ulubas said that they developed projects in order to spread efficiency to the country’s generality and studies would be commenced in sectors such as industry, transportation and isolation.


Ladies from Mersin Showed Interest


Enerji Hanım took the stage after the opening speeches and asked Mersin’s ladies several questions about energy efficiency. During the training program that took place in a joyful environment, she gave examples as to how wastage could be prevented in both household and national resources via very small measures and applications. At the end of the lottery held amongst the meeting’s participants following the educational program, the winners were awarded many energy-smart products such as refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and kitchen robot.