Enerji Hanım at Malatya

Mr.Taner Yildiz, Minister for Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Delivered Keynote Speech To The Ladies of Malatya:


Savings will Paying off, the Cost Efficiency of the Investment


Energy efficiency awareness and saving women to tell the Enerji Hanım eighth station in Malatya, which met with the women. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız made the opening speech of "Enerji Hanım" interests of women in Malatya Education program was intense.


Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız, in a speech to the first stage of the women initiated the interest in the project said they were satisfied. Only homes with small applications saving 4 billion Turkish Liras per year, the country will be registered by Minister Yıldız, in industry and in trade efficiency, productivity, and streets in buildings energy efficiency with the application of this figure is 15 billion Turkish Liras is going to go in, he said. Minister Yıldız, street, across the country, said they support the use of efficient light bulbs in the streets and parks, "there is the cost of conversion. However, this will pay for itself with the savings will be achieved in a short time, he said.


Energy Efficiency Association Vice Chairman Adnan Ulubaş in his speech said that Turkey should use its energy efficiently. Only with Enerji Hanım with the savings obtained thousand school, 200 full-fledged hospitals, said can be done. Enerji Hanım Project of large-scale research, our aim is to save energy, not about not using of energy. We are saying, using energy in a smart way and the efficient energy” he said.