Enerji Hanım at Kayseri

Enerji Hanım Gave Her First Tutorial in Kayseri

19 January 2013

Start was Given for Energy Savings


Mr. Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, set a new target for Turkey for the year of 2023: “Turkey aims at a national income of 2 trillion dollars, 500 billion dollars of exportation and in 2023, it will arrive to the point of no wastage”.

The face of the savings campaign, Enerji Hanım, for the first time appeared before public in Kayseri and made an efficient presentation. Educational meetings for energy savings will further be held in 20 cities.


Enerji Hanım, the first national project for the attainment of energy efficiency and explaining it to individuals, has sprung into action. The Enerji Hanım project, which is comprised of a series of educational activities and savings campaigns, was initialized in Kayseri with the slogan of “A Small Step for You but a Big One for Turkey”.

Mr. Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, pointed to the targets of 2023 that were set as 2 trillion dollars of gross national product and 500 billion dollars of exportation and said “In 2023, we will level down wastage to zero”.

The opening speech for the meeting, which attracted great attention from the inhabitants of Kayseri, was made by Mr.Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, who explained the great contribution of energy savings to the national economy. Mr. Taner Yıldız stated that making savings did not mean dropping the level of wealth, and continued as follows:

“Annual savings of 4 billion dollars means 50 percent of the money spent for erecting the production parts of Turkey’s annual energy investment. This number shows how important makings savings is. With the savings to be made by the industry, the annual savings amount will rise to 15 billion liras. This means 25 percent of total 60 billion we have paid for energy”.

Taner Yıldız stated that Prime Minister Erdoğan wanted an additional 10 percent decrease in the prices of energy-smart electrical home gadgets and further said that in 2012, the sales of energy-smart electrical home gadgets increased and reached 1 million 100 thousand.

Minister Mr. Yıldız said that 1.4 billion people in the world have not met electricity and further stated the following:

“We have started mobilization right from the family. With industrialists, we will continue studies on savings. We have initialized studies in order that ENVER, the Energy Efficiency Association running the project, is rendered with the status of public interest Association. The Enerji Hanım Project is a very important one. We have targets set for 2023. We target 2 trillion dollars of gross national product and 500 billion dollars of exportation. I hereby say. In 2023, we will level down wastage to zero.


Target for Savings

The President of Energy Efficiency Association, İbrahim Çağlar who spoke during the opening of the meeting held in the Erciyes Culture Center, said that with the Enerji Hanım Project, they targeted 4 billion savings per year. “Our country has no problems of energy supply. We will develop energy efficiency conscience by bringing this subject in the agenda again and again.” said Çağlar.

Mr. Çağlar said that making savings would earn each family a quarter gold coin per year and underlined the importance of nationwide savings as follows: “Savings of 4 billion means the erection of thousand schools. And 200 pcs of full-fledge hospital investment”.

Güldal Akşit, the Chairman of Ak Party’s Women’s Branch said she wanted the issue of energy savings to be more than a mere educational matter and continued as follows: “Making savings should be a habit for us. Small steps in savings mean great investments for the future. Today’s wastage means tomorrow’s absence”.

The messages related to the energy efficiency campaign by Mrs. Fatma Şahin, the Minister of Family and Social Policies and Mrs. Emine Erdoğan, the spouse of Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, were reflected visually in the hall.


Enerji Hanım Appeared Before the Public

Following the opening speeches, Enerji Hanım, the face of the promotion campaigns, appeared before the public during the first meeting in Kayseri.

Enerji Hanım received great interest from the participants as she explained energy savings with her colorful and lively presentation.

After the explanation on the saving measures, 50 women were given energy-smart electrical home gadgets such as refrigerator, washing machine, etc... during the lottery held.


20 Cities are yet to Come

The project, which has been created by the initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, is materialized by the organization of the Energy Efficiency Association (ENVER).

The project is focused on women that are the “economists at home” and it covers 20 cities.

Kayseri was the first stop of the project, whose purpose was to develop conscious of energy efficiency amongst all family members with the intermediation of women. This will be followed by energy saving training’s meetings to be held in cities including Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Istanbul, Denizli, Van and Hakkâri.

In addition to the President of the Energy Efficiency Association, İbrahim Çağlar, Vice President Ali Kibar and Adnan Ersoy Ulubaş also participated the meeting in Kayseri, the initial stop of Enerji Hanım.