Enerji Hanım at Kars

The Ladies of Kars Couldn't Fit in the Hall But Still Got Full Marks for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Association Vice President Ali Kibar:

""We Need to Use Smartly of our Energy""


Kars Governor Eyüp Tepe and Kars Mayor Nevzat Bozkuş also attended the program; At the opening speech of the Energy Efficiency Association Vice President Ali Kibar said smart use of energy resources needed.


Mr. Kibar noting the increasingly energy consumption in Turkey said "We are evaluating the women of the house as an economist" Our women through every layer of our society by reaching the awareness of energy efficiency, we are trying to create," he said.

Mr. Kibar, as part of the project, efficient use of energy, aimed at women in the survey expressed they did, noted the following:
" Across the country today, the 9th we carry out our program. We aim to deliver our messages about the Association in 20 provinces in total 20 thousand lady in our campaign. Our aim is to use energy in a more effective, more efficient, or more intelligent by using these savings in a sustainable way and to provide the advanced generations pass on. Our aim is to use energy more efficiently, using more efficient or more intelligent to pass these savings to provide a sustainable manner and to future generations.