Enerji Hanım at Izmir

Our New and Domestic Energy Source: “Savings”


“Enerji Hanım”, the first national project for the attainment of energy efficiency and explaining it to individuals, has this time met with ladies from Izmir. Taner Yildiz, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources that made the opening speech for the training program attended approximately by 1.500 women, stated that small savings at home, which are considered unimportant by many persons, represented a resource of 4 billion for our country.

Minister Yildiz, who reminded that an efficient use of energy represented the 6th biggest energy resource for the country, said that at the conclusion of the efficiency study they initiated on the country’s generality, resources annually valued at 15 billion Turkish Liras would stay within our borders. Minister Stated that this money would be used in new investments and would thus return to the population.


We will Earn Nearly 600 Liras Each Year from Street Illuminations


Minister Yildiz stated that Enerji Hanım was the first step of the efficiency movement on the country’s generality and continued as follows:

“Following the energy efficiency movement we have initiated with our ladies who are the economists and tutors at home, we will undertake the industrial efficiency move, which we will commence in Konya. We will later try to spread the efficiency conscience to the country’s generality including isolation in buildings and the transportation sector, the latter consuming a significant portion of energy. Solely by using armatures and glass bulbs that consume less energy for illumination in streets, we will reduce our annual energy spending by 600 million Turkish Liras. This will be achieved by young and old alike including the public & private sectors and our citizens. Turkey will create this conscience in the future years”.


Each Woman is a Volunteer Enerji Hanım

Adnan Ersoy Ulubas, the Chair of the Energy Efficiency Association said during his speech that the Enerji Hanım Project as applied by the said association represented a joint work of the Ministry of Family & Social Policies and the Ministry of Energy &Natural Resources, and that demand for energy increased in parallel with the global developments and thereby impelling the efficient use of energy to come to the forefront at this stage. Ulubas stated that Enerji Hanım, the first training work of which they commenced in Kayseri, received great interest in every city they had visited and further said that he was happy about the intense participation in Izmir, the 16th City in sequence. Ulubas mentioned that right from the day of its commencement, the Project was highly adopted by ladies and further said the following: “Success is inevitable in every work handled by women. This project owes its success to you. Tell insistently your friends, buddies and community about what you have learned here. This is very important for your family as well as our national budget”.
A Small Step for You but a Big One for Turkey


Enerji Hanım, who took the stage following opening speeches, was met with enthusiasm by the women from Izmir. Enerji Hanım, who chatted with the participants in a jovial atmosphere, said that the enthusiasm of ladies from Izmir showed how correct and expedient their work was. Lady Energy explained women the key points for contributing to the household budget and efficiently using the country’s resources and stated that each women participating in the meeting was an Enerji Hanım. Following the educational program, a lottery was held amongst the meeting’s participant women and 20 persons were awarded several energy-smart electrical home gadgets such as washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and flat irons. The lottery cast by the Minister Taner Yildiz and his spouse Selma Yildiz designated the lucky women.