Enerji Hanım at Hakkari

Minister Taner Yıldız Told about Energy Savings in Hakkari


Mr. Taner Yıldız the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, coming for Enerji Hanım to Hakkari, clarify Hakkari’s missing, illegal,and collection procedures transferred to the private sector for carrying out. Next week private sector will start to work on it.

Taner Yıldız,evaluate current developments and said “Turkey is not be come Syria or Egypt”

The first social project aimed at ensuring energy efficiency, and individuals with the discussion of "Enerji Hanım",this time met in Hakkari with women., Before the opening of the training program, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız assessed issues on the agend of Turkey

Southeast is an Important Energy Center.

Southeast is an important area for energy sources, Mr. Yıldız the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources told they are given a great value to this area. Noted that 80 percent of oil production in Turkey carried out from this region

In recent days, indicating that they were sign very important works in this region;Diyarbakır,Şırnak and at the Hakkari as a result of operations carried out over $ 1 billion investment in generation and transmission has announced.

The Collection of Electric will be done by Private Sector in Hakkari

Mr Yıldız answered a question about the high ratio of missing and illegal electric in this ragion; told “if the 4 people use the electricity and 3 of them didnt pay the bill, this company couldnt be continued. Not to paying bill is unfair to someones right. I believe until this day the illegal use of electricity made by mistake. I am sure that wont be happen anymore. We take every precaution to avoid it as well. In Hakkari, missing, illegal electricity,and collection procedures transferred to the private sector for carrying out and next week this company will start to work on it.

Savings 4 Billion TL per Year

Minister Taner Yıldız inaugurated the “ Enerji Hanım” project meeting in Hakkari , with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. Minister Yıldız highlighted the importance of the efficient use of energy.

Mr Yıldız remarked that only with the housewives attention and effort 4 billion TL savings could be provide per year. He said” Let us know the value of the energy produced. In the world 1.4 bilion people coulding reach the electreic energy.”

Mrs. Yüksel: “ Traveling around the Province by Province, We are Describing Energy Effiency”

Approximately 500 women are in the saloon and showing great interest to meeting. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Department and the Energy Efficiency Association Board Member Neslihan Yüksel is pointed out over 1 billion people still don’t have access to electricity.

Neslihan Yüksel remarked that they are travelling Edirne to Kars, Sinop to Mersin and describing energy efficeny. “Our goal with this project only to earn 4 billion TL income in one year and it's up to you to accomplish.” she said.

Enerji Hanım has Atracted Great Interest.

After the opening speeches, Enerji Hanım came to the stage and met with great interest by women in Hakkari. Enerji Hanım, told women with examples how they use energy efficently. Due to the great attendance and interest to the meeting, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz called to the Energy Efficiency Association managers, to increase the number of gift will be given.

After the training programme, drawn lots between the women who participate to the meeting. Various electrical appliances; such as washing machine, fridge, vacuum cleaner, iron, which uses energy efficiently, are given to the winners.