Enerji Hanım at Gaziantep

The “Savings” Thrill of Enerji Hanım also Echoes in the Industry...


40 Billion of 105 Billion TL Energy Savings Comes from Ladies.

“Enerji Hanım” introduced energy saving to ladies in Gaziantep. Whereas savings of 105 billion TL was envisaged for 10 years, it was emphasized that 40 billion thereof would be achieved by the support of women and 65 billion thereof would be achieved in the industry.


Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, who mentioned the importance of energy savings that is expected to be a cure for the current deficit, said “the foreign exchange we pay to abroad will also fall through energy savings”.


The last stop of the Energy Efficiency Association, which aims at obtaining a conscious consumption of  energy and thus making savings, was Gaziantep. “Enerji Hanım” which directed women towards energy savings, gave some clues about the correct use of home appliances ranging from washing machines to ovens, from iron flats to dishwashers.

During the 20th “Enerji Hanım” seminar, which was jointly realized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, also hosted Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology. Işık reminded that the 73 percent of the energy used in Turkey was import and further stated the following: “The energy used at home will considerably decreases through the savings measures taken by women.  The foreign exchange we pay to abroad will also decrease accordingly”. 


Annual Savings of 4 Billion TL at Homes

Emir Eren, a Board of Directors’ Member of the Energy Efficiency Association that runs the project, stated that the energy efficiency project was initially started at homes with the support of women and continued at industrial corporations. Eren said “Our projects will initiate works for increasing efficiency in Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ’s). Our target is achieving annual savings of 4 billion TL at homes. With this number, it is possible to erect 200 full-fledged hospitals and 1.000 schools”.

With energy savings at industry, we envisage making savings of  65 billion TL in 10 years and 40 billion TL at homes during the same period.

Fatma Şahin, the ex-Minister of Family and Social Policies, who reminded that 25 percent of energy consumption was made at industry, 30 percent at transportation and 40 percent at homes, stated the following: “Making savings at homes is very crucial. We should thus take homes under control. And this will be achieved by you, our women. With the women residing in the cities we have reached thus far, we have brought the project to an important place. And we will continue the project”.


Do not Open and Close the Oven Door Frequently.

Enerji Hanım, who took the stage during the meeting and who addressed to the guests, explained the clues for achieving savings at homes as follows: “Do not open and close the oven door frequently. Do not operate the washing machine without filling it completely. Do not wash your dishes with hand, use a machine. Adjust the freezer and cooling temperatures correctly. Do not places foods in the refrigerator when they are hot. Do not frequently open or close the refrigerator door. Shut down television from its button. Unplug the cord 5 minutes before finishing iron flatting. Existing temperature will suffice. Make sure to switch-off any lamp you are not using.