Enerji Hanım at Bursa

"Enerji Hanım" effect felt in Bursa


The President of the Energy Efficiency Association, Mr. İbrahim Çağlar Spoke to Women in Bursa:


“Women’s Hands Touched upon Energy Efficiency, Success is Inevitable”.

Mr.İbrahim Çağlar, the President of the Energy Efficiency Association, stated that by just taking measures at homes, savings up to 4 billion Turkish Liras can be made annually, and by the ensuring of efficiency in industry, transportation and isolation, this number could reach 15 Billion Turkish Liras.

Enerji Hanım, who initiated a course for spreading a nationwide conscience for energy efficiency, gathered with women in Bursa. Ladies from Bursa showed intense interest in the activity that was carried out in the Barış Manço Culture Center. It was attended by Mrs.Selma Yıldız, the spouse of Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources; Mrs.Funda Harput, the spouse of the Bursa Governor, Mr.Şahabettin Harput; Ak Party’s Bursa Deputy Mr.Hakan Çavuşoğlu Ak Party’s Bursa City Chair, Mr.Sedat Yalçın and also Mr. İbrahim Çağlar, the President of the Energy Efficiency Association, its Vice President, Mr. Adnan Ersoy Ulubaş and Board of Directors’ Members Mr.Oğuz Satıcı and Mrs. Neslihan Yüksel.

4 Billion Liras of Contribution to the Economy is in Women’s Hands

İbrahim Çağlar, the Chair of the Energy Efficiency Association, who made the meeting’s opening speech, said that the interest shown towards the Enerji Hanım educational programs, the fourth of which was realized in Bursa, highly encouraged them. Çağlar said that they undertook the application of the project, which is supported by the spouse of the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Emine Erdoğan and which represents a joint project by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, and further stated they were pleased with the interest they received in four cities they had visited that far.


Why Enerji Hanım?

Mr. İbrahim Çağlar, the President of the Energy Efficiency Association, drew attention to the fact that the project would promote efficiency in all fields throughout the country, and further said the following:

“We saw women as the economists at home. By also moving on from the tutor role played by the women at home, we have set-off with Enerji Hanım in order to spread this project to all sections. We have initially made a survey study. We have reached 2 thousand 929 women in 20 cities. We have asked them whether electrical home gadgets were used consciously. Later in Ankara, we have placed one pc measurement devices in 5 different households in 5 different provinces. We have placed energy monitors in the electrical home gadgets in each household and we have uploaded to the databank the total energy amount consumed at homes and the instant consumptions of such gadgets. As a result, we have reported in detail the consumption habits before and after the conscience-raising studies in the Enerji Hanım project. And we saw that just by this method, we could earn 4 billion Turkish Liras annually. We have made our preliminary educational studies Kayseri and Denizli respectively. We are now in Bursa. We speak about and discuss efficiency with women from Bursa. We take the contact information of all women participating in our meetings. Our colleagues will later meet them and take the results. After a short while, we will begin to harvest the fruits of the studies we have performed. No job undertaken by women has the risk of failure. Therefore, we profoundly believe that our project will succeed and we take support and courage from valuable women such as yours.

Efficiency is Inevitable for Increasing the Welfare Level of Ourselves and Our Country

The Board of Directors Member of the Energy Efficiency Association, Dr. Neslihan Yüksel, underlined that the correct usage of resources is the duty of all human beings and further stated the following: “As stated by our Minister, Taner Yıldız, efficiency is our 6th largest source of energy. We all have to look after it. That is because we are not living in a world that has an infinite number of energy resources. The entire world is searching for means to use energy efficiently. We have taken an important step in this respect. Turning energy efficiency into a manner of life both at home, in our professional and social lives will represent an important step for elevating the welfare level of both ourselves and our country and catching high life standards. We have therefore taken our first step with our women”.

Let’s not Misuse Energy

Dr. Mustafa Uysal, the Chair of the Bursa Branch of the Energy Efficiency Association, which hosted the activity, indicated that we use energy in every moment of our lives. Mr. Uysal said: “The important thing is to use energy efficiently and intelligently. If we use energy insensibly and abuse it, first our family then our national budget will suffer losses. For this reason, educational and conscience raising studies for ensuring energy efficiency will continue ceaselessly in our country like in developed countries.

In Bursa, the Enerji Hanım Wind Blew

Actress Mrs.Süeda Çil, who played the Enerji Hanım character and who met up with women of Bursa following opening speeches, gave examples to women of Bursa on how wastage of household and national resources can be prevented via small measures and applications. At the end of the lottery held amongst the meeting’s participants following the educational program, the winners were awarded many energy-smart products such as refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and kitchen robot.