Enerji Hanım at Ankara

Enerji Hanım done What She Said and Reduce Electric Bill %33


Enerji Hanım told energy efficiency methods at home to the women by preparing meetings in every city of Turkey. In 3 months electric bills reduce %33 as the methods used by also Enerji Hanım.

Until today in 17 cities energy efficiency meetings prepared by 
Enerji Hanım and she showed the electiric bills as a proof of the projects truth to the women who participated in Ankara meeting which was the 18th city.

With the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources  is a joint project of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, 
Enerji Hanım’s  18th stop is the  third city,which is the most energy-consuming in houses , our capital city  Ankara. Enerji Hanım proved benefits of  methods which are told by herself with the documents in the meeting prepared by Energy Efficiency Association in Altındağ Yunus Emre Kültür Merkezi. Enerji Hanım , who is travellingTurkey,citybycity and told women simple methods of energy efficiency and saving , is performing by the artist Süeda Çil, she showed her own bills and confirmed the campaing benefits once again.
Electric bill become cheaper  %33.
Before the campaing 
Enerji Hanım was paying 71.00TL  in a month to the electric bill. With the precaution she took, she reduced her bill 55.30TL in May , 47.80TL in June; “To the family budget  a quarter of gold per year, contribute to the economy of Turkey is 4 billion TL” with this motto the campaing will reach to the exact success.
Former Minister of Tourism and the AK Party Women's Wing President Güldal Akşit and the Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz’s wife Selma Yıldız,whosupport campaign events in many cities and more than a thousand women participated in various districts of Ankara.

Turkeywasthemostincreasingcountry in the rate of energy demand.

Keynote speech done by  the Head of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Efficiency Association Board Member Dr. Neslihan Yüksel, energy resources at all stages from production to consumption, which is the use of high efficiency, energy efficiency, from 7 to 70 members to be adopted by the entire country, she said. "Using energy efficient without compromising the privacy of your quality of life and to save money by not wasting so much production and create," said Dr. Neslihan Yuksel:

"According to the International Energy Agency estimates that world primary energy demand of 12.7 billion TEP to continue with the current energy policies in the event of an increase of 50 percent in 2035 is expected to reach 18.7 billion TEP.Our country's primary energy consumption has increased by 50 percent in the last 10 years.Electrical energy consumption increased by 2-fold and natural gas consumption increased by3-fold, Turkey is the fastest country  by  the energy demand growth in OECD countries over the past 10 years.Since 2002, in the world after China, we are in the position of the country with the maximum rate of increase in demand on electricity and natural gas. The projections show that this trend will continue in the medium and long term, "she said.
$ 120 billion will be invested by 2035.

Neslihan Yüksel said in her speech to provide the growing demand, each year  energy investments increased :
“Energy sector between 2012 and 2035 two-thirds of the global scale to be derived from non-OECD countries is expected to invest 37.4 trillion dollars. Although there is no problem about the security of energy supply in our country, to renew the existing capacity and to meet the growing need to invest $ 120 billion in the energy sector until 2023 is planned.All of these investments, more efficient use of energy in order to reduce and assess the needs of different sources. Energy Resources of living in a world that is infinite and unlimited. There is a limit of each source, and the end of the world. Therefore, the awareness of using energy resources we have to move.

After the openning speeches, told the energy efficiency methods to the women from Ankara. At the end of the program lucky participants win energy efficiency household appliances with draw.

Enery Lady’s 19th stop is going to be Istanbul.   Prime Minister Recep tayyip Erdoğan’s wife, Emine Erdoğan, who support  project from the begining, will be participate to the meeting in the 9th of October 2013 on Wednesday in Haliç Kongre ve Kültür Merkezi.